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YEY! YEY! All sorts of people were there to see them perform live; ordinary people, normal teens, teenagers na pag umoorder sa restaurant ay ganito “weyterrr ishang aysh tee.” (haha!), EMOlution individuals, hardcore punks (who got their metals and leathers all set together), slight punks and just plain/simple punks (leveling?), skater boys, the cuties, the hotties, the notties and the others. Looking at them was like genres of music or rather individuals who got their own jargons just like in a particular professional field. Amuuuuusing!! hep! hep! hooray! =p
Anyway, it’s really an unforgettable experience not just because we saw them perform live, but because of the hilarious shit hole that we’ve gone through, which i will NOT further elaborate! ahahahaha! here are the pictures.. iskratz!